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      EMEC Expertise benefits from a large experience to offer the best engineering services with the most advanced technology. A team of technical experts is at your service :

      • Project Manager

        Lead the project from A to Z. Deliver the right product (quality, specification, cost) at the right time.

      • Electro-Mechanical Expert engineer

        Large experience in Product Development, Root Cause Analysis, Product Improvement, Tests and Measurements.

      • CAO Designer

        Concept design - SolidWorks specialist - 3D components and assemblies.

      • Electrical and Electronic Expert Engineer

        Electrical measurement specialist - Creation / selection of the right hardware for the right application.

      • Software Development Expert Engineer

        Creation, development and integration of monitoring tools.

      EMEC Expertise can prove after one year of challenging projects in 2011 a high customer satisfaction level for all projects realized since the start up of the company :

      • Test bench development including concept design, selection of suppliers, PLC programming, measurement equipment with specific software development on customer demand, assembly and commissioning.

      • FMA training with practical examples.

      • EMEC Expertise helped a major gearbox manufacturer with FMA in specific demanding application to identify the possible root causes and remedial.

      • Measurement equipment selection including the most advanced technology like alarm reporting, wireless communication, GPS stamp, remote control, server backup.